S.E.O. Tips for 2021

3 Popular SEO Myths Every Marketer should know in 2021

Google makes hundreds of changes every day to give better search results. so to be in search results, using SEO techniques that worked last year might not work today. It is one of the Reasons, why There are so many SEO Myths. Using SEO techniques that don’t work will only waste your time and in meantime, your competitor might rank higher than you. So Believing SEO Myths and creating your SEO Strategies according to them can only be a big loss for you and your website. So, Here I have written the 3 most popular SEO Myths which you should just leave behind in 2021.

1. More Words = Higher Rank in SERP

Google indeed loves long in-depth Articles, but it doesn’t mean to create content that doesn’t even make any sense. I mean, 3 days ago I have seen an article where they included so many Unrelated Topics where it doesn’t make any sense. First, It didn’t answer my question and it also confused me more than Before.

2. Buying Google Ads helps you get Organic Ranking

Buying Google ads doesn’t help directly to Get Organic Ranking but it does indirectly. I mean, Google Ads helps you get Traffic to your Website. So if your website gets more traffic it will automatically higher your Rank in SERP.

3. SEO is a One Time Process

I have seen many people saying that SEO Is a one-time process but it not true. See, As I have said in my earlier articles, SEO Is a Topic that constantly gets Changes. so you should change your Website SEO Techniques according to it or you might be left behind.