All gyms and trainers have one goal, and that’s to grow their clientele.  Ways your business can benefit from S.E.O. is by generating content people are looking for.  Unfortunately, the majority of people are looking for a quick diet or exercise.  Our goal is to take advantage of that traffic and educate people on the proper way to train and exercise.

Taking these high volume keywords and flipping it on its back is beneficial.  Educating people and letting them know that there’s no such thing as a wuick fix is important.  Also, they will find the article (if well written) educational and funnt.

Keyword Research

Writing articles based on top keywords is very important and will help with your domain authority.  Helpful tools like SEO Moz and SEM Rush have great keyword tools that will help you reach your goal.

  • Use Google AMP

  • Responsive Website

  • Use ALT Attributes

Learn From Google Analytics

Every marketer has a genius plan or ad copy which will make the campaign take off.  In reality, data is the only thing we should really base decisions off of.  With all my clients I make sure we collect all the data needed to make informed decisions.

Another benefit of gathering data is seeing trends develop, and being able to predict behavior on a yearly basis.  Being able to predict trends will allow you to forecast your marketing spend and expectation.

Growth in your company is vital and how else are you supposed to grow if you don’t have a benchmark.  Too many companies operate with the sole purpose of staying open.  The goal for every business should be growth, and the only way to measure growth is to have a benchmark.